I've begun to manufacture some jigs to aid in mitering corners when covering boards and boxes. The first jig makes perfect miters for turn-ins a breeze. The second jig is for covering the upper front corners of trays, no triangular tabs needed. The long flap shown in the image is folded down to cover the inside of the tray wall down to the bottom of the tray. Both of these jigs make for easy, quick, and neat work.

They are made in quarter-inch acrylic and are engraved with the thickness of the neck in inches (they can be used even for boards slightly thicker than the engraved thickness).

They are currently available for $5 for the corner jigs and $7.50 for the box jigs, in the following thicknesses: .075", .085", .105", .150", .170", and .210".

I may make some out of brass or aluminum if there is sufficient interest.