1/2/3/4/ Thoughts on Language, 2010, performs Ludwig Wittgenstein’s investigations into the instability in the production of meaning in language using experimental offset printing. 

In conventional printing, successive printing plates are matched with successive piles of paper, which are then collated to form multiple identical copies of the same book. To create the book I intervened in this process: I used only one pile of paper and created variation instead by the manner in which I fed paper through the press. Every page of the book has different combinations, both chance and deliberate, of forty-two fragments from four quotes from Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations printed in process colors. The writing of the book was thus completed simultaneously with its printing and every one of the ten copies in the edition is unique. The book consists of four sections, each focusing on one quote and each beginning with a fragment containing the word 'Language' and ending with the completed quote.

In lieu of boards, the book is housed in a clamshell box, mounted on each is a section of a plate used to print the book and containing one fragment.